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Corporate Responsibility

No organisation should pursue commercial success at the expense of the communities in which it operates. Today, many people believe that business has a positive responsibility to operate in ways that benefit society and foster its well-being on a sustained—and sustainable—basis.

At its most basic, Corporate Responsibility is where business includes social, environmental and economic considerations in their decisions and processes. Fulfilling this mandate requires that all parts of an organisation work together, in collaboration with other organisations, stakeholders and sections of the community to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.

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Every activity PwC undertakes, both as an organization and its individual people, has an impact on the communities in which we operate. Our responsobility is to ensure that these activities support strong thriving and diverse communities.

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In a competitive market, people are integral to an organization's business success. Building a positive workplace culture is integral to PwC's high performance, innovation and agility in the marketplace.

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Business, government and individuals - we are all responsible for the preservation pf our natural environment. For PwC this means integrating environmental strategy into our everyday operations, doing our part with regard to climate change and engaging our people with environmental issues.

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PwC holds a privileged position within the business community and therefore should contribute from a point of responsible leadership. By treating clients and suppliers fairly and with respect, meeting social needs and not exploiting por market position we will obtain the most sustainable siccess.

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