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Mobility opportunities are key to attracting, developing and retaining talent - but such mobility all need careful management in terms of relocation people.

The #1 job of the global mobility function is to deploy talent to the assignment location in as cost effective and efficient way as possible. Are you thinking about how to best align your mobility process to meet the visa requirement in Mongolia?

PwC can help you address these challenges and future proof your mobility function and processes.

Since September 2010 our personnel assisted many expatriates to move to Mongolia from different countries, including Georgia, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Russia, the UK, Ukraine, Serbia, Moldavia, Canada, the USA, Singapore, Poland, India, Jamaica, Pakistan, the Republic of Philippines etc.
Moreover, the PwC network provides more possibilities to support the immigration process both in Mongolia and in expatriates’ home countries. 

How PwC can help you:

  • Obtain a visa of different categories (short/long term business visa, working visa, investor visa, visa for dependants)
  • Obtain a work permit
  • Registration with the immigration authorities

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Gantulga Yonkhor

Gantulga Yonkhor

HC Specialist, PwC Mongolia

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