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Financial Services

The sub-prime difficulties that began in 2007 escalated into a more deep-seated funding and confidence crisis and, for some institutions, a matter of survival.

Trading, lending and business development strategies and the bases of valuation and compensation that underlie them are being re-examined. Recent market events have also raised questions about the approach to governance, risk management and disclosure within many banking and capital markets organizations.

Effective integration of risk management into governance and business decision-making will be critical in a company's ability to restore market confidence and move forward. Many banks may also need to adjust reward strategies to take greater account of risk and longer term business objectives. Institutions will also need to ensure that all aspects of the business are leveraged to their full potential – transaction banking activities are a prime example.

The shake-up in the market is opening up a range of opportunities for acquisition and business development. Companies that have emerged largely unscathed are in a particularly strong position to expand through M&A. In turn, the range of targets is increasing as more and more groups seek to raise capital or re-focus on core competencies through divestment.

PwC can help you:

PwC has a global network of specialists who can help banking and capital market organisations strengthen their businesses in key areas, including growth, human capital, market reporting, governance & risk management, mergers & acquisitions, and regulation & compliance.

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