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Samil View Vol.16 - August 2016

  1. The characteristic of Order-Based Industry and the effect on audit procedures with respect to the introduction of Area of focus on construction contracts
  2. Deemed gift tax for profit from business opportunities provided by related parties
  3. One-Shot Act: Expected to vitalize companies in suffering oversupplied industry
  4. Industry 4.0: Building the Digital Enterprise

Samil View Vol.15 - January 2016

  1. Doing Business in Mexico
  2. The effect of Fin Tech on banking
  3. Entertainment and Media Outlook for 2015-2019 and its Implication
  4. Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program
  5. Digitalization trends in the financial Industry

Samil View Vol.14 - July 2015

  1. Economic Analysis of Overseas Resource Development Projects
  2. Economic Crime: A Threat to Business Globally
  3. Tax Issues for Group Brands
  4. ICT(Information & Communication Technology) Solutions for Retail Industry

Samil View Vol.13 - January 2015

  1. Preparing for Korea-China FTA Utilization and Origin Verification Response
  2. Sovereign Wealth Funds: Investment Trends and Tax Risks
  3. The Impact of Shale Gas on Global Energy Dynamics
  4. Why Overseas Resources Development Fails?
  5. Successful Growth through Synergy-based Post Merger Integration
  6. What is Structured Finance?

Samil View Vol.12 - Summer 2014

  1. The Analysis on the Increase of China's Inbound Investment
  2. Activation of M&A Market and the Creative Economy
  3. Discussion on BEPS Issues and Impacts on Tax Environment
  4. The Impacts and Measures of the Conflict Minerals Regulation on Domestic Corporations
  5. The Latest Legal Trend on Issues related to the Performance Reporting of CSR
  6. Post ERP and New Wave of Operational Innovation
  7. How to Increase your Power of Observation