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Project Manager Professional (PMP)® certification

During the quarantine period PwC Academy will run all educational programs online.

The Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® is the most important industry-recognised certification for project managers.

You can find PMPs leading projects in nearly every country and, unlike other certifications that focus on a particular geography or domain, the PMP® is truly global. As a PMP, you can work in virtually any industry and in any location. Currently there are over 750,000 certified project manager professionals globally.

Online/offline (5 days)

Сontact us by e-mail: or call +380 44 354 04 04

PMP course is paid.

Date: 17-19 June, 15-16 July
Time:  09:30 - 17:00

Target audience

The programme is designed for professionals who want to prepare for and pass the PMP * exam to stand out in the labour market and maximize their earning potential:

·       Project management professionals,

·       Project and programme leaders,

·       Managers and staff of project management offices,

·       Project administrators,

·       Project management consultants,

·       Team leads and project team members.

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Preliminary requirements

·       Compliance with PMI requirements

·       Experience in project management or informed project participation

·       Good knowledge of the project management framework

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Course curriculum

Module 1: Meeting formal PMI requirements

Understand the PMP certification procedure and compliance with PMI requirements:

·       PMI website and guidelines such as PMP Guide and PMP Exam Plan

·       PMI Membership benefits

·       Application form completion and processing. Audit process

·       Selection of an exam mode. Payment options. Exam date scheduling

·       Preparation approach

·       KnowledgeMap interface


Module 2: Building a highly effective team

Learn how to define key team rules, to develop a common understanding, and to engage and support virtual teams:

·       Team building

·       Ensuring proper development of team members / stakeholders

·       Building a common understanding

·       Team productivity support

·       Consideration and elimination of team obstacles, barriers and blockers

·       Capability enhancement for team members and stakeholders

·       Engagement and support of virtual teams

·       Boosting team productivity through emotional intelligence


Module 3: Leading a team into the right direction

Learn how to co-operate with stakeholders, lead a team and manage conflicts:

·       Team leading

·       Defining the key team rules

·       Conflict management

·       Conclusion of project agreements

·       Co-operation with stakeholders

·       Relevant stakeholder guidance


Module 4: Project launch

Learn how to engage stakeholders, to plan and manage a project scope, and to assess and manage risks:

·       Project implementation with the urgency needed to deliver business value

·       Communication management

·       Risk assessment and management

·       Stakeholder engagement

·       Budget and resource planning and management

·       Timetable planning and management

·       Output quality / outcome planning and management

·       Scope planning and management


Module 5: Activity performance

Learn how to manage project changes, to identify appropriate project methods and tools and to organise project management:

·       Integration of project planning activities

·       Project change management

·       Procurement management and planning

·       Project artefacts management

·       Defining appropriate project methodologies / techniques and practices

·       Development of a project management structure

·       Project challenges management

·       Knowledge sharing to ensure project continuity

·       Planning and management of project closure or phase-to-phase transitions


Module 6: Always remember about business

Learn how to assess business and external environment developments, to support organisational changes and to improve processes:

·       Project compliance planning and management

·       Assessment and delivery of project benefits and values

·       Assessment and consideration of developments in external business environment in terms of the scope impact

·       Organisational change support


Module 7: Passing the certification exam

Be certain of your success:

·       PMP mock exam

·       Registration for the exam

·       Final parting words

·       PMP hacks

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Programme advantages

1.  Pre-testing to assess a current level of knowledge and knowledge gaps

2.  Assistance in preparing an application to PMI

3.  Understanding of weak topics and challenging areas

4.  Individual follow-up learning schedule

5.  Certificate for 35 tuition hours

6.  Access to training materials and case studies

7.  Post-training support:

·     Full access to “KnowledgeMap” platform;

·     Progress tracking and statistics accumulation

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The course is designed to

• Prepare for the exam - it is our main common objective

• Learn various project management tools recognised as international best practices.

• Enhance your knowledge if you are just beginning your project management journey

• Improve your knowledge of English in this area - all the terminology is given in English with translation and explanations in Ukrainian/Russian*

• Meet professionals in this area and share experience and knowledge in preparing for and sitting the exam

*while students can opt for the Russian-language version of the exam during registration, we highly recommend selecting the original English-language version.

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