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Legal Alert - Navigating cross-border data transfer: unveiling Rwanda’s legal requirements

In our digitally intertwined world, the global flow of data is more important than ever. However, this data flow comes with a heavy responsibility: ensuring that personal data remains shielded, and respecting privacy and legal boundaries.

Rwanda, too, stands at the forefront of this data ethics discourse with its strict Data Protection and Privacy Law Nº 058/2021 of 13 October 2021 (the DPP Law). The DPP Law carefully outlines the lawful processing of personal data and seeks to ensure its protection, not just within the borders of Rwanda, but also beyond.

The Rwanda Data Protection and Privacy Law provides for three grounds on which data controllers and data processors can rely on when transferring personal data outside of Rwanda: authorisation from the NCSA/DPO, consent from the data subject, and necessity.

Explore how organisations operating in Rwanda can meet the Data Protection and Privacy requirements in this alert.



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