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PwC has a global Human Resource Services group with approximately 6,000 practitioners who work with companies in aligning a company’s HR strategy.

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PwC has a global Human Resource Services group with approximately 6,000 practitioners who work with companies in aligning a company’s HR strategy with their overall business performance by managing the operational and compliance challenges associated with human resources. We work closely with clients to offer multi-disciplinary solutions that strive to make their people a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

Rwanda has a team of human resource specialists who in conjunction with the regional and global network of PwC provide unparalleled advice on human resource management issues.

Our People and Change cover the following key areas:

  • Executive search and selection
  • Compensation strategies and reward management
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Change management
  • Skills audit
  • HR due diligence
  • Organisation reviews and restructuring
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Key areas

Executive search and selection

At PwC, we believe that recruitment and retention of the right staff is a crucial investment that every firm must make in order to achieve or retain market leadership within the ever-changing and highly competitive environment in which we operate. Selecting staff and matching skills and knowledge to meet organisational cultures and goals has become highly skilled and specialized, and requires expert support with the additional benefit of saving management time. We mainly focus on senior management recruitments including Managing Directors/ CEOs, Senior Management Team, and Heads of Department.

Our approach is well tested and proven to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and success in identifying the right candidates. We draw on tools, methodologies and experience of our global network and are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience to provide best practice solutions.

Compensation strategies and reward management

Companies must balance many trade-offs when creating and managing a total compensation program. Employees demand to be compensated competitively. Management needs compensation strategies that support strategic objectives, and aid in recruitment, motivation, and retention of top talent. On top of it all, the regulatory environment surrounding total compensation programs is rapidly changing. Whether your business operates in a single country or many countries, PwC, with our international reach, is uniquely positioned to work with you to develop competitive, effective total reward programs on a local and international basis.

At PwC we carry out reward and benefits surveys through a Salary Club of the top companies in the market spanning across different sectors of financial, petroleum, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy and service. In addition we carry out bespoke salary surveys over selected comparator organizations in agreement with the participants.

We also assist the clients to use the information from the surveys to align the employee pay structure with the grading structure and the market.

Employee satisfaction surveys

Managers might carry the responsibility of marketing the organisation, but employees are constantly talking about where they work and who they work with/work for. So it’s important to regularly know what is on your employees’ minds as this is the message they communicate to outsiders.

Apart from that, satisfied employees:

  • are capable of more productive work;
  • are less likely to be absent (lower fluctuation);
  • are nicer to clients and take better care of them - quality customer care;
  • bring more new clients; and
  • customers in the care of satisfied employees are more satisfied and loyal – less customer complaints.

At PwC we are capable of carrying out employee satisfaction surveys to help employers collect information on how they can keep their employees motivated and productive.

Change management

Organizations are constantly changing to respond to client needs and demands. Whether these changes start from the technology side or from the demand side, they will always have a people effect. Change Management aims at enabling effective and efficient transition of people, processes and technology from a current state environment to the preferred state environment. Most change projects which do not achieve their goals are a result of failure to adequately engage their people and overcome resistance to change.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has the capacity to assist in change management based on the two key areas of:

  • People management changes including training, performance management systems, remuneration and reward, leadership development, employee relations; and
  • Operational changes including process design, support systems, logistics, compliance

Skills audit

It is the process of assessing the skills set in an organisation. These assessments aim at evaluating the ability of staff to deliver on organisational goals. Based on the skills audit findings, we are in position to design skills development programs for our clients.

HR due diligence

An HR due diligence is an examination/ verification of HR systems and policies in an organisation earmarked for sale/acquisition. The examination also looks at the calibre and number of staff, leave obligations and outstanding HR costs.

Organisation reviews and restructuring

We carry out assessments of the organisations with the aim of recommending appropriate HR systems and structures. Our reviews, among others, look at the reporting relationships, roles, functional synergies, duplication and fragmentation of responsibilities, span of control etc.

We work closely with clients to offer multi-disciplinary solutions that strive to make their people a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

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