Government and development partner services

PwC has worked with dozens of government entities and development partners throughout Sub-Saharan Africa to develop strategies and improve service delivery.

How we can help

Many governments in Africa are reforming and modernising their public procurement processes and systems. They are reducing bureaucratic burdens, encouraging greater transparency and improving accountability among ministries, departments and agencies. Africa’s development partners are also trying to ‘do more with less’ and meet performance measures and milestones.

In Rwanda, PwC is helping the government and development partners to maximise capacity, improve internal controls and realise their short, medium and long-term goals.

PwC can help you to manage today’s key issues:

  • Local regulatory & economic conditions
  • Accountability & transparency
  • Capacity building
  • Internal controls
  • Innovation
  • Fund management

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Florence Gatome
Country Senior Partner
Tel: +250 (0) 252 588 203/4/5/6

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