Rwanda National Budget 2019/2020

Rwanda National Budget 2019-2020: Sustaining the momentum

In his budget speech, the Minister for Finance highlighted numerous economic and social achievements, opportunities and well as challenges. 

PwC Rwanda’s Budget Bulletin provides insight and analysis on the 2019/20 budget speech and other relevant materials. We hope that you will find it insightful, and look forward to your comments.

The 2019/20 budget is FRW2,876.9 bn) which is an 11% increase on the 2018/19 revised budget (FRW2,585.2 bn). The domestic revenue (including domestic financing) is assumed to contribute 68% of the budget which is still consistent with 2018/19 domestic revenue contribution to budget which is a good indication that in coming years the budget will soon be largely domestically funded.


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