PwC Media Excellence Award 2019

About the award

The PwC Media Excellence Awards celebrates and rewards excellence in business reporting in Nigeria. The competition is open to professional journalists on a full time employment or freelancers, working in Nigeria, who have produced a story that falls within the categories covered by the award and that is available on a platform whose primary audience is Nigeria.


To enter for PwC Media Excellence Awards, 2019, please ensure to upload your entry and a passport image. Remember that entries of whatever file type must not exceed 5MB in size. Requirements marked with * are mandatory. Please ensure you have read the entry guidelines before proceeding.

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Media Award winner/s

What the judges will be looking for

Our panel of independent, respected and experienced judges will be looking for entries that:

  • Display well organised research and insight
  • Demonstrate journalistic integrity
  • Show originality and resourcefulness in crafting their story
  • Are very relevant to the Nigerian situation
  • Follow the provisions of the entry guidelines

The Prize

The journalists selected in each category by our panel of judges will be named the Journalist of the year in that category and will receive a cash prize of N500, 000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira)


The Award shall recognise and reward excellence in reporting in the following categories:

  1. Tax Reporting
  2. Capital Markets Reporting
  3. SMEs Reporting
  4. Business & Economy Reporting

2019 Winning entries

See winning entries for the Media Excellence Awards 2019 below.


Still loading: How slow internet speed under-develops Nigeria's economy, stifle SMEs growth

Nigeria’s leapfrogging of some technology evolution, migration and upgrade of internet facilities have not been a blessing as the curse of slow internet speed undermines investments and developments

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Tax Reporting:

Investigation: Thus rule in Rivers Markets, force multiple illegal taxes on petty traders 

There are 98 million Nigerians living in extreme poverty, according to a report by the United Nations. To survive, many, especially women engage in petty trading in various markets. But the youths in Rivers State communities, who force traders to pay multiple illegal taxes, have become a stumbling block to local businesses. 

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Capital Markets Reporting: 

What Islamic finance can do to Nigeria's Capital Market, infrastructural growth 

The article explores how Islamic finance, Sukuk bonds can be if benefoit to Nigeria's economy and support growth of infrastructure.  

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Business & Economy Reporting:

Dying in installment: How lead battery recyclers are poisoning Nigerians 

A three-month investigation uncovers how companies recycling lead acid batteries are poisoning air, soil and water sources in Ogun and Lagos states leaving workers and residents with scary levels of lead in their blood and leading experts to conclude these Nigerians are dying in instalments.

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2018 winning entries

SME Reporting                                       - Capital Markets Reporting

Business & Economy Reporting           - Tax Reporting

2017 winning entries

SME Reporting            - Capital Markets Reporting

Tax Reporting             - Business & Economy Reporting


2016  Winning entries

SME Reporting                 - Capital Markets Reporting

Business & Economy Reporting   - Tax Reporting

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