Corporate international tax services

Multinational organisations are increasingly affected by legislative, regulatory and tax developments throughout the world. Understanding the effect of these developments on business operations and transactions between countries is vital for a company's success.

The global PwC tax team has extensive experience in dealing with international tax matters, such as international reorganisations, cross-border inbound and outbound investments by multinationals and inter-company transactions by international groups. The team has a well established network of PwC contacts globally, and particularly in Africa, and work very closely with other specialist groups like transfer pricing, in country corporate tax groups, human resource services (HRS) and indirect tax teams.

Our African footprint

Our vast African footprint, which is unrivalled and unmatched by our competitors, means we are capable of serving you wherever you may have initiatives, or wish to operate, on the African continent. Our team, based in our wide network of PwC offices, is focused on developing, supporting and growing our service offerings throughout Africa. 

Our significant presence in the various markets makes PwC a global powerhouse with an ability to serve global, regional, and national clients. Our structure links firms throughout Africa that possess an in-depth knowledge of local tax, accounting and regulatory requirements, with a worldwide network that can exploit the advantages of expertise on an international scale. The PwC global network currently spans 149 countries and, on the African continent, PwC has offices in over 30 countries servicing nearly 50 countries.

How PwC can help you:

We can assist companies investing in Namibia and Southern Africa (inbound) and Namibian companies investing abroad (outbound) with:

  • formulating and implementing effective and tax efficient cross-border strategies for investments
  • managing the global tax rate and tax position, and
  • keeping up-to-date with new developments affecting business, locally and globally.

Apart from the above-mentioned and with a broad general knowledge of Africa, the international tax team combines detailed knowledge and in-depth experience in Namibian tax and regulatory matters, and can also provide advice on the following:

  • Tax considerations for setting up business in Namibia
  • Formulating and implementing effective and tax efficient cross-border strategies for investments.
  • Keeping up-to-date with new developments affecting business, locally and globally

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