Quota for foreign employees for 2022

Mongolia • No. 05/2021 • December 2021

The Government of Mongolia (the “Cabinet”) updates the foreign employee quota for entities operating in Mongolia annually. For 2022, the Cabinet updated the quota by issuing the Resolution #339 dated 3 November 2021 (the “Resolution #339”).

For 2022, the quota ranges from 10% to 60% depending on the industry sector and the number of Mongolian employees. For those sectors which are not directly mentioned in the Resolution #339, the total number of foreign employees should not exceed 5% of the total headcount of the Mongolian staff if its total headcount is more than 20 as same as previous years.

In the resolution of the previous year (Quota for foreign employees for 2021), foreign invested companies were allowed to bring three foreign management staff and one investor/shareholder, who are not subject to the said quota. According to the Resolution #339, international organizations and representative offices can bring two foreigners based on the reference letter of the international organization, who are not subject to the said quota.

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