Tax Workshops

As a part of our social responsibility, we invest in education of Mongolian taxpayers by conducing free of charge workshops on different tax and regulatory topics.

Archived events

Date Event
9 Dec 2016 Investing in Mongolia: how we can help you grow (organized in Beijing)
1 Dec 2016 Tax Inspection and Dispute
14 Sep 2016 Double tax treaties: theory and application
21 Apr 2016 Transfer Pricing: global context and current and anticipated Mongolian rules
23 March 2016 Learnings from tax amnesty and new draft laws
30 Sep 2015 Law On Supporting Economic Transparency and other legislative developments
26 March 2015 How to structure cross-border contracts and apply tax treaties to reduce tax leakage and costs?
24 March 2015 Expats in Mongolia: pitfalls and lessons learned
1 January 2015 Some tax dispute cases and some issues on tax law compliance
4 Nov 2014 Tax reforms and amendments in tax legislation
12 Dec 2013 Updates on Tax compliance
12 Dec 2012 Technical Issues and Challenges in the Mongolian Tax Environment

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