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Our tax solutions are based on extensive knowledge and experience of our specialists enhanced by our methodologies. We are organized around different aspects of tax and law, reflecting the need for in-depth specialist knowledge in each key area. But in many cases, knowledge of tax and law must be embedded in a thorough understanding of the specific needs of individual industry sectors, which is why we develop specialized teams for individual industry groups. This allows us to rapidly assemble a team possessing the required tax and legal skills combined with deep industry knowledge for any given assignment. As a result, we speak our clients’ language and meet their requirements through understanding their overall business situation, not just narrow individual issues.

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Sergi Kobakhidze

Sergi Kobakhidze

Tax and Legal Services Partner, PwC Mongolia

Tsendmaa  Choijamts

Tsendmaa Choijamts

Director, Tax and Legal services, PwC Mongolia

Tel: +976 70009089

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