PayWell Mongolia: PwC Compensation survey

Jul 29, 2010

Salary Surveys provide companies with ability to compare to the market practice the level of their employees’ compensation and offered benefits package.

PayWell Report contains:

  • Base pay
  • Variable pay
  • Target bonuses
  • Total compensation

Survey Features:

  • We consider all elements of compensation: base salary, variable pay, benefits and pay policy
  • We improved our job catalogue by way of adjusting the job positions to the Mongolian market
  • We use a combination of two approaches: functional job descriptions and hierarchical levels
  • Conducted since 2010
  • The largest Mongolian and multinational companies participate in our surveys
  • Convenience, simplicity and individual consultation in filling out questionnaires
  • Materials are available in two languages in electronic format through on-line platform
  • High standards of data privacy

How PwC PayWell Survey can help you in:

  • Developing compensation policies and benefits package according to the market practices
  • Defining competitive level of remuneration of key employees
  • Planning salary review in your company based on market indicators

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