Payroll Services, Payroll Taxes and Reporting

Our payroll services include processing payroll calculations by PwC specialists as well as the calculation of personal income tax amounts and social security contributions (taking into account employee bonuses, overtime, holidays and sick leave pay).

PwC’s services also include payroll reporting, the provision of payslips to individuals on a monthly basis, preparation of statements regarding salaries for individuals (upon employee request).

We specialize also in payroll services for senior executive teams, where the complexity of payroll is higher and we focus on account management and confidentiality of payroll.

How PwC can help you

  • Payroll calculations, preparation of payment wire requests
  • Preparation and submission of tax and Social and Health Insurance (“SHI”) returns, obtaining authorisation for SI booklets by each employee
  • Preparation of individual pay slips
  • Initiation of bank payment orders of net wages to individual employees’ bank accounts, tax and social insurance payments
  • Other services (payroll diagnostics, payroll investigations, etc.)

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Sergi Kobakhidze

Sergi Kobakhidze

Tax and Legal Services Partner, PwC Mongolia

Tsendmaa  Choijamts

Tsendmaa Choijamts

Director, Tax and Legal services, PwC Mongolia

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