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Operation & Restructuring

The demand for customer centric focus, end to end integrated operations and optimal cost management has never been greater. We bring capabilities in management and process improvement to help companies optimize their operating processes and supply chain. We help our clients transform their key value chain functions, from customer management through to sourcing of services and goods. We apply proven cost management methodologies to facilitate agile responses to changing conditions and to drive business growth. We support our clients to improve value, reduce waste and reduce costs to leave lasting sustainable benefit.

Optimization of asset portfolios

We review companies’ asset portfolios and organizational structures to improve their overall business value and compliance with their business development strategy.

Optimization of management systems

Our team helps a company’s executive identify gaps in management system structures and eliminate those gaps along the following criteria:

  • Meeting strategic objectives, including going public and improving corporate governance
  • Maintaining flexibility in a changing business environment
  • Facilitating a prompt decision-making process and the optimization of management costs

We also make recommendations on the structure and function of the corporate centre, the organization of business units and the distribution of authority between different management levels. We help establish management practices in accordance with Mongolia and international standards and take into account the specific features of a client company.

Assessing the impact of restructuring on business value

An important criterion for effectively evaluating the restructuring process is enhancing business value. We substantiate our recommendations and assess their potential impact on business value by creating long-term financial and strategic models and analyzing the value of comparable companies.

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