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Merger & Acquisition Lead Advisory

In the role of M&A Lead Advisor, we help entrepreneurs and companies to identify, evaluate and execute transactions.

On the sell side:

  • Advise on and run the sales process
  • Review the business for sale
  • Perform value considerations
  • Identify and approach potential buyers
  • Draft the sales documentation
  • Help the owners to present the business
  • Assist in negotiating, signing and closing the transaction

On the buy side:

  • Identify and approach the owners of the business
  • Assess the strategic fit
  • Help to draft a non-binding offer
  • Assess the attractiveness of the business
  • Assist the client in drafting the binding offer
  • Help to negotiate, sign and complete the deal

Public Private Partnership and Project Finance

Public Private Partnership (PPP) and project finance offer affordable, practical solutions to the needs of governments and businesses.

Public sector:

  • Business case and feasibility analysis
  • Concession structuring
  • Running competitive tenders
  • Transaction structuring and execution
  • Financial analysis

Private sector:

  • Developing the bid strategy
  • Transaction structuring
  • Raising finance
  • Assisting in the transaction closing

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