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Merger & Acquisition Integration

What have you done to prepare for “Day One”?

What is your integration plan and combined operating model for the first 100 days after the deal is completed?

Is there a formal plan in place to focus on achieving integration objectives, yet ensure that the organization is not totally distracted (i.e. it still keeps its eye on the “normal” business)?

How will you judge the success of this deal in one year’s time?

The chaos surrounding a transition often impedes the management’s ability to effectively allocate focus on maintaining current operations, realizing valuable deal synergies and achieving timely integration. Stakeholder expectations are often mismanaged and issues important to employees overlooked.

PwC solutions for merger and acquisition integration include:

  • Defining the integration strategy
  • Preparing for Day One (the first day of taking ownership)
  • Accelerating the transition
  • Synergy realization

Our approach is a direct response to the issues and challenges that we see time and time again in mergers and acquisitions. Our approach focuses upon addressing three key challenges: maximizing value, minimizing risk and managing the people side of change.

Maximising Value

We help out clients to find clear objectives and targets on which to focus activity and critical resources for areas that add the most value.

Minimising Risk

We assist companies in maintaining strong control over the costs, benefit delivery, quality and scope of the programme.

Managing People

PricewaterhouseCoopers helps you to manage your key stakeholders through the change: your employees, your clients, global regulatory bodies.

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