Audit and Assurance

We provide a broad range of audit and assurance services aimed at enhancing shareholder value and minimising business risk in a constantly changing commercial environment.

Core services include:

  • Providing audit and other assurance services to our clients on the financial performance and operation of their business;
  • Helping clients manage the totality of their business risks, thus improving financial performance;
  • Helping clients deal with the challenge of international and local accounting standards;
  • Providing assessment of accounting and information systems to improve efficiency, effectiveness and safeguard assets;
  • Offering a full range of internal audit services and training services relating to business and finance.

At PwC we view the Audit as a continuous process. We make it our business to understand yours. Using this knowledge combined with the most up to date methodologies, we work with you in identifying and capitalising on business opportunities.

We are recognised leaders in the development of audit techniques. Using the latest technologies and systems, we improve the quality of the audit providing you with more information, more answers and more direction. Issues are solved before they become problems.

Information systems are an essential element in business. Our computer assurance team reviews the quality of your systems, your business controls and the integrity of the information collected and processed.

The output from our audit is not just an opinion on your financial statements. Opportunities are identified and your business, technology and financial controls are improved.

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Partner, Assurance Leader, PwC North Macedonia

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