Establishment of the minimum limit for the taxable base and calculation of social security contributions as of 2023

14 Sep 2022

Please be advised that, starting with 1 January 2023, the following changes will become effective regarding the calculation of the compulsory social security contributions:

  • for each full-time employee, the minimum monthly taxable base for the calculation of social security contributions cannot be lower than the nationwide minimum monthly salary determined as under the law based on the actual hours worked.
  • for each part-time or reduced-work schedule employee, the social security contribution calculated by reference to the monthly taxable base cannot be lower than 25% of the social security contribution determined by reference to the nationwide minimum monthly salary.

The changes were introduced through Law no. 259 of 26 August 2022 (published in Official Monitor no. 274-277 of 2 September 2022), amending Law no. 242 of 28 July 2022 and Law no. 489-XIV of 8 July 1999.

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