Integrated Personnel Solutions

Human Resource Consulting Services

Human Resources Audit

  • Analysing the main components of the human resources function and compare policies and procedures with established legal and professional standards;
  • Outlining development areas, make recommendations on new human resources strategies, and provide assistance in implementing suggested solutions.

Job Evaluation

  • Undertaking an integrated analysis of the importance of jobs, on the basis of which remuneration structures can be designed;
  • Recommending improvements in the organisational structure and in other human resources activities, such as staff recruitment and selection, staff appraisal, career development and further educational and training planning.

Staff Handbook

  • Assisting clients in creating internal staff guidelines, regulations and manuals that are in line with current labour legislation and support the implementation of the human resources strategy.

Performance Management

  • Based on a comprehensive organisation analysis, we suggest the criteria, methods and procedures required to establish an efficient performance system. We then design evaluation forms, train assessors and conduct introductory workshops for employees.

Management Training & Development

  • Perform training need analysis, which gives client management the necessary tools to adopt training policies, plans and budgets;
  • Conducting interactive courses in human resources and management skills, using the wide range of materials and expertise in our international network to ensure that the level of instruction meets our clients' and our own quality standards.

Executive Recruitment & Selection

  • Conducting recruitment projects for senior and middle management positions in finance and accounting, sales and marketing, information systems, human resources, logistics and administration, and general management.

Assessment Centres

  • Designing a specially tailored series of tests ranging from individual exercises to group role-playing.
  • The result is a clear evaluation of the psychological profile of candidates, which can be used for recruitment and selection, further promotion, planning personal and professional growth, or in team reorganization.

Outplacement Programme

  • We offer a comprehensive outplacement service to companies facing downsizing, which covers advising staff on coping with changed circumstances, assessing skills and capabilities, drawing up effective resumes, interview training, and designing and implementing a career search strategy;
  • We provide administrative support for the job search and continuous counselling as the job search progresses.
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