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Transformation & Automation

Tax Function of the Future

Join the digital dialogue, let information technologies transform your business

  • Grow revenue: leverage internal and external data strategically to improve growth and maximize returns
  • Reduce costs: increase spreed and sophistication while reducing costs and eliminating redundancies
  • Manage risks: identify opportunities to predict risk and proactively address root causes
  • Gain competitive advantage: monetize data assets and explore new products and capabilities


The goal? Shift to a modern finance operating model

Use digital innovation to automate transactional processing and enable strategic, actionable insights

Three questions for automation success

Do we understand our business processes and pain points?

While it’s easy to jump to technology, that’s often the last piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve identified problem areas, determine the approach: Do you want small automation sprints to attack discrete areas? Or do you want to reimagine the process with optimal orchestration between human and digital labor?
The end game is always the same: playing to the strengths of both people and machines




How is our tech ecosystem evolving to meet our goals?

While a new class of software lets business users automate tasks relatively quickly, that’s just the starting point. Select the right combination of additional technologies to add intelligence to automation and continually optimize business processes. 


Are we measuring business returns beyond financial ROI?

Taking out costs is only a starting point. Employee engagement, customer satisfaction or other business outcomes are different ways to justify and measure automation investments. If you think about customer experience as a part of every process, then operating models that were hard to imagine before automation may now become possible. And business units can become more agile when operations staff members are empowered to automate manual tasks and apply their brainpower to critical thinking.

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