Process Efficiency

Have you ever given thought to the amount of time and expenses that is spent to create value for which the client is determined to pay and the amount of time and expenses that is wasted?

Revenue and additional resources are available not only in the market. Quite substantive results can be retrieved inside the organisation. Can the performance of the same task be less resources and time consuming without compromising quality of the product or service?

Qualified PwC experts with their competence confirmed by international certificates offer a package of solutions enabling to improve efficiency of processes inside the organisation.

Challenges faced by organisations

Rapidly changing and growing requirements of customers and other stakeholders - there is a need to adapt and ensure the required quality of service

Management tools are not used to the full to improve efficiency. Organisations intend to improve efficiency by introducing new technologies, raw materials, constructional                solutions 

Processes are only partially digitized or not digitized, there is a lack of integrations between internal and external information systems

Growing competition. Organisations are pressed by the need to shorten delivery time and reduce prices of services and/or products, while maintaining compliance with quality standards

Higher remuneration and a relatively low productivity

Solutions offered by PwC

  • Management system and process analysis
  • Value stream mapping
  • Identification of solutions optimising the value chain (costs, the cycle, quality, inventory management)
  • Identification and elimination (reduction) of non-value-adding and/or not necessary stages
  • Process automation: description of the requirements for IT solutions
  • Methods used: 6 Sigma, LEAN, TOC, PITBM, etc.

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