Valuation & Strategy Services

We have a dedicated team of Valuation & Strategy professionals in Bangkok, that assist us in providing valuation advice and value solutions to a wide range of clients across a diverse range of industries.

We work closely with other professionals from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the worlds largest professional services organisation, to help our clients solve complex business problems and measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance.

Providing Valuation Advice and Solutions

The starting point for many business decisions is value and the impact on value. Pressure is great to create shareholder value. Our Valuation & Strategy group helps clients understand the value of their business and assess whether strategies such as an acquisition or expansion decision will enhance value.

We apply leading-edge tools - moving beyond discounted cash flow to the application of real options, the use of economic value and simulation techniques, and the identification and exploitation of intangible assets - to show how strategies and decisions affect value.

Companies seeking new capital or involved in an acquisition, divestiture, restructuring, shareholder buyout, tax appeal or litigation, or those looking for ground-breaking approaches to increase in shareholder value turn to us to understand the value impact of their financial and strategic alternatives.

We have a global network of industry and technical experts to provide insight into the drivers influencing valuation and shareholder value. Our approach to value is not all theory - we have access to databases for comparable company analysis and market transactions, ensuring that our valuation advice is always relevant to market activity.

Our team of Valuation & Strategy professionals in Bangkok assists clients in objectively defining, creating and enhancing their value, providing valuation advice and value solutions over a range of business issues covering:

Transaction Value Advisory

  • Valuation of acquisition targets, including bid pricing advice for major transactions.
  • Valuation of businesses, shares and other interests for vendors.
  • Assessment of the value of merger benefits.
  • Cost of capital advice.
  • Valuation to facilitate debt to equity conversions under a debt restructuring.
  • Valuation for tax purposes.

Specialist Valuation Advice

  • Real option valuation - a new standard in evaluating, making and managing capital investment decisions such as mergers and acquisitions, major capital projects and enterprise-wide capital allocation decisions.
  • Brand valuations and other intellectual property including patents, licenses, software and non-competitive covenants.

Strategic Solutions

  • Evaluation of alternatives for improving and realising shareholder value, including divestiture of business units, sale of entire company, refinancing, continued investment in core businesses, acquisitions, mergers and IPO's. We assist clients in selecting the best option and implementing the chosen course of action.
  • Aligning critical functions of an organisation toward value creation, with focus on economic profit, a performance metric both rigorous and appealing in its applicability at all levels of an organisation.
  • Value Clinic - managing value creation through planning, reporting, remuneration, or investor communication systems. We can help you diagnose gaps in these systems as well as providing an understanding of the value impact of those gaps.

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