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Join in the conversation with PwC thought leaders from all over the world. Get the latest commentary, opinions and news on topics that matter to you and your business.


Africa: Upfront

We’ll aim to keep you posted with regular updates of what’s happening in the marketplace, what might be keeping CEOs awake at night, as well as flagging up forthcoming events and other points of interest.

Aviation Center of Excellence blog: Insights from 35,000 ft

As the aviation industry prepares to double in size in the next twenty years, we reflect on the ​​strategic challenges facing aircraft manufacturers, airlines, ​​airports, air navigation service providers, ground handlers, and regulatory bodies.

CIO Dashboard

One imperative for today’s CIO: check out our Dashboard regularly and keep up with all of today’s key trends and developments.

Eurozone response blog

This blog contains the latest news and information impacting organisations, helping you and your business stay ahead of the Eurozone pack.

Food trust

Our blog for food companies and the food industry discussing how to build trust in the world’s food by reducing supply chain risks and improving the processes and systems that build food safety, quality and trust.

Germany: Bankgründungsblog/Establishment of Banks blog (in German and English)

Keep up-to-date with recent developments regarding the establishment of banks, financial services institutions, payment service institutions, investment companies, and alternative investment fund managers.

Germany: Tax and Legal blog (in German and English)

Learn about the latest tax and legal developments from around the world here.

Germany: View all PwC Germany blogs (in German)

Global: CEO Insights blog

View our unique insights on the CEO agenda as part of our Global Annual CEO Survey.

Global: eBiz & eCommerce: In year 2015 and beyond

This blog covers a wide range of eBusiness topics and trends, from industry-specific developments to tax issues. Read about how the 2015 VAT changes will impact all B2C suppliers of electronic services to EU-based customers. Do you know what the changes mean for your business?

Global Mobility blog

Global: The gender agenda blog

Dale Meikle writes PwC’s gender agenda blog. Read about Dale’s experiences and insights as she participates in various global diversity projects, events and dialogues.

Growth Markets Centre: Navigating the Growth Markets

GMC’s blog shares regular updates on key developments in the Growth Markets, keeping you up-to-date with the growth stories of these emerging countries.

Global:  The Risk Insights blog

Offering points-of-view and insights on how to re-imagine risk to drive distinctive strategy, capabilities and performance.  

IFRS blog

PwC's dedicated IFRS blog includes discussion and debate on the hot topics in International Financial Reporting Standards and latest IFRS news.

India: Industry trends and insights blog

Read insights from PwC India experts on the latest industry trends and developments in the dynamic Indian economy.

Middle East: CEO Blog Insights

Oil is no longer the Middle East's most important resource – the region's youth is. Hani Ashkar, Territory Senior Partner for PwC Middle East, explains why. 

Mexico: PwC news (in Spanish)

Read about the latest news, events, and reports from PwC Mexico.

Luxembourg: THE BLOG

Opinions made in Luxembourg: jargon-free industry insights, expert think pieces, hot topics, tips and tricks and more.

Public Sector Matters Globally

Sharing ideas internationally on improving public services. Access our insights and practitioners.

Sweden: Tax matters

As the market leader for Tax Services in Sweden, we continually get new insight and with Tax matters we want to convey our knowledge and experience to you. Whether you are already a client of ours, or if you are just generally interested in the developments in the Tax area, with Tax matters, we make it smooth and easy for you to find facts, knowledge and experience that we have in Tax Services.

UK: Corporate reporting blog

Discussing the issues companies, investors and other interested parties should be aware of, the blog is aimed at all those with responsibility for communicating and analysing corporate performance.

UK: Economics in business blog

This blog focuses on the application of economics to business and real world issues, with comment on a wide range of topics from economic forecasts, to regulation and behavioural economics.

UK: Public Sector Matters blog

Our blog brings you the latest thinking from our senior partners and directors on the issues that matter to government and the public sector.

UK: Sustainability and climate change blog

Hear from our sustainability and climate change experts on immediate issues relating to sustainability, as well as on longer-term strategic thinking for both the public and private sector.

UK: View all PwC UK blogs

US: Asset management

Insight from our leaders about the dynamic environment of growth, change and challenges taking place in the Asset Management industry today.

US: Business continuity management

Insights from our specialists on issues such as crisis management, business recovery, supply chain, IT recovery & emergency response.

US: Cybersecurity and privacy

PwC cybersecurity and privacy leaders share insights to help business executives understand and manage today’s cybersecurity risks.

US: Emerging Technology blog

Emerging Technology is a beautiful thing. We can achieve more than we ever dreamed possible with today’s array of options and information ─ and you stay current with our up-to-date blog.

US: Financial Services Institute blog

New intelligence, perspectives and analysis on trends affecting all financial services sectors from PwC’s top minds.

US: Growth leaders

Drawing from research and experience with high-performing organizations, Growth Leaders will explore pathways to profitable and sustainable growth.

US: Industrial insight

Insights on key issues in the industrial sector including globalization, technology, business strategy and risk, and governance.

US: Multi-state compact

Insights addressing the ramifications of The California Appellate Court decision in Gillette v. Franchise Tax Board, whether they be a court case, legislative enactment or article written about the Compact.

Digital Pulse

Digital Pulse provides you with actionable insights and thought leadership on digital trends, strategy, technology, innovation and disruption to empower your digital journey.

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