Business Recovery Services

When it comes to solving business funding, performance and cash flow difficulties, we are uniquely placed to service the needs of clients in Laos, the Asian region and across the globe. Our local team is supported by international restructuring specialists and Thai professionals with strong backgrounds in finance, management consulting, audit, tax and legal matters providing clients with comprehensive advice that incorporates local issues and considers also the broad perspective. From this wealth of talent and experience, we offer a range of recovery services to suit both debtors and creditors no matter what the circumstance.

Key Business Recovery Services

Debt Restructuring Advisory

  • Lead advisor in preparation, review and negotiation of restructuring plans
  • Planner appointments and administration under the bankruptcy act
  • Investigations and performance monitoring
  • Financial modelling
  • Liquidations

Our Thailand team have completed numerous cases under all of the restructuring frameworks including, informal restructurings; the Bank of Thailand's Corporate Debt Restructuring Advisory Committee framework (CDRAC); the Stock Exchange of Thailand's REHABCO rules; and the Planner Role under the Thai bankruptcy procedure. In a number of major restructuring assignments involving lending syndicates, numerous creditors and stakeholders, we act as independent advisor, facilitating negotiations between companies and their financiers in a joint effort to find workable solutions, thereby maximising long term value.

Services to Lenders

  • Loan portfolio management and systems
  • Hands on loan management
  • Portfolio review and strategy
  • Credit risk management

In Thailand, we are the market pioneer in introducing "Services to Lenders" which is based upon our long standing experience in assisting banks and other financial institutions around the world on the management of their underperforming loans, credit policies/procedures and portfolio reviews and workouts. Our knowledge and experience of the Thai finance sector is unparalleled and when combined with our restructuring specialists and sophisticated IT systems, we deliver a superior service that substantially enhances the performance and recoveries of an institutions loan portfolio. We can use this expertise in Cambodia.

Business Regeneration

  • Strategic assessment and process improvement (particularly on internal financial reporting and cost identification/tracking).
  • Asset redeployment/ Non-core asset disposition
  • Cost re-alignment and performance benchmarking
  • Cost rationalization services
  • Organization re-alignment
  • Interim Management

Our team assists clients in the strategic assessment of their businesses, identifying and fixing problems, turning the business around and growing the business. We do this through implementation of Business Regeneration programs that are specifically aimed at revitalizing a company's business operations in order to recover, sustain and enhance business values going forward. In effect, we help businesses create sustained performance, improve operational effectiveness and effectively enhance shareholder and stakeholders value.

Hands on Turnaround (HOT)

  • Secondment of executive and other support resources
  • Development of Turnaround plan
  • Monitoring Assignments

Branded as our "Company Doctor Service", we will second a "Turnaround Director" as well as other support resources into a company, which is either underperforming, in distress, or experiencing a cash crisis, to act as chief executive taking full responsibility for the company's operations. Prior to the appointment, our team will assist the corporation in producing a pragmatic turnaround plan during which practical assistance is given in managing the cash position, the relationships with funders and the management's priority. Our team will also enter into a monitoring assignment with the company which will allow a partner to keep in close contact with the situation and monitor progress in order to protect the stakeholders' interests.

Optimised Exit Services

We offer a unique and proven methodology to assess under-performing businesses or assets and to assist in the exit from those businesses or assets while at the same time maximising shareholder value.

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