Rules applicable for Ukrainian nationals on the territory of Georgia

Entry in Georgia


At this moment, border crossing points in Georgia remain open.

The status of the border crossing points can be found under the following link:


The grounds for entry in Georgia:


  • Ukrainian citizens holding passports can enter in Georgia without visas, for a maximum period 1 year (please note that no passport/documentation is needed for pets);
  • Ukrainian nationals who do not hold passports, are allowed to cross Georgian borders after they are registered by the Georgian authorities and with the purpose of requesting temporary protected status.

Stay in Georgia


  • Ukrainian citizens entering in Georgia based on a biometric passport may stay here for 1 year, without any other additional immigration formalities.
  • In order to extend the right to stay on the Georgian territory beyond 1 year, they may obtain: residence permit, long-term visa or temporary protected status. Also please note, that request for international protection can be made at the borders as well.
  • During the application period, as well as after obtaining a status, shelter seekers are provided with accommodation located in Martkopi Reception Center, which is in 30 km distance from Tbilisi (capital of Georgia). Shelter seekers receive relevant certificate and after obtaining temporary protected status- an identification card. The status is valid for 1 year, but if the conditions remain unchanged, it can be extended for the same period for unlimited times. 


For more information on the migration rules can be found under following link:


Work in Georgia


  • As a general information, in Georgia, we do not have “work permits” and any individual who has the legal ground to enter and stay in Georgia can work here (it does not matter whether the work is performed for Georgian entity or for foreign employer or self-employment).
  • Therefore, Ukrainian citizens can be employed by Georgian or foreign companies or be self-employed for a period of 1 year without the need to obtain a work authorization from the Georgian government.
  • After 1 year, they will need to extend the right to stay and obtain relevant documents/status.

We expect special provisions to be adopted by the Georgian Government depending on the evolution situation and we will try to keep updated the information.

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