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Leveraging data automation to power digital transformation and deliver immediate results

Accurate and timely processing of data is crucial for business success. 

So businesses everywhere are more and more focused on harnessing the power of data in order to put at the disposal of their executive teams actionable insights about their performance, clients and operations. Adding to this, there is an ever expanding body of government regulations that impose disclosures and reporting requirements. 

The Data Challenge

To achieve this, employees in various departments need to put in hundreds of hours of manual work on a monthly basis to provide the necessary reporting. This is cumbersome and ineffective. 

Technology can help address these challenges and provide you the information you need in a convenient and easy to read format within seconds. Through data process automation you can save hundreds of hours of work needed to source, manage, transform, process and understand data. 

But digital transformation is neither easy, nor quick. Not all businesses are in the position to build technology-savvy teams and necessary infrastructure in-house in order to benefit from modern data transformation tools that help decrease manual data processing tasks to a minimum.

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What CFOs say…

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Our solution

PwC Central and Eastern Europe and Alteryx, the global leader in analytics automation technology, have created a partnership to put at your fingertips the data you need, when you need it. PwC experts can build for you, tailored-made Alteryx data process automation tools that you will be able to use on PwC’s infrastructure as a service. In this way, there is no need for you to hire technology experts or purchase special and pricey IT infrastructure.

With Alteryx workflows, your data can be processed in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

You can save precious work time for your teams so that they will be able to focus on data insights and actions that have a high impact on your business. 

By using PwC experts to design your data process automations and giving you access to use your Alteryx workflows on our infrastructure, you will be able to independently process your data tasks whenever and wherever, as many times as you need to, without having to submit any requests and wait for the results to be delivered to you.

Why choose us?

At PwC we have been using Alteryx from 2018 to automate our data processes in audit, accounting, tax, HR, business consulting and other business areas. In Central and Eastern Europe, we have over 1,670 Alteryx users who design and use Alteryx workflows on a daily basis


What can you use Alteryx technology for?

Alteryx Designer has many functionalities. It can be used to automate data extraction, data cleansing, transformation, modeling, calculating and preparing data outputs in the exact formats as they are required. As such, you can speed up internal processes, minimize time spent for identifying and correcting human errors, tackle technical issues when dealing with extremely large data sets, standardize data processes and minimize manual work on repeating data tasks. Thus you will be able to save time, get a better grip on managing risks and errors, have better control of your data and add more value to your customers with more valuable data insights.

By using Alteryx, we can design a workflow for your particular data process which can be used as many times as needed without having to set it up anew for the same data inputs and outputs. Once a workflow is properly designed, all the user needs to do is to upload raw data files, click to run the workflow, and download the output files. 

There is no need to manually prepare the raw data or adjust calculation formulas or formatting for repeating data processes. Depending on the complexity of the data process and data volumes, the results can be produced in a matter of minutes or even seconds. 

While Alteryx is performing your data tasks, you can focus on other projects, as the automation technology works in parallel, without the need of human supervision. Simple as that.

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Source: PwC 2021 Finance Effectiveness Benchmarking Study

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