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Who is the "ACCA DipIFR" training for?

The DipIFR or "ACCA Diploma in international financial reporting" is an international diploma certifying proficiency in IFRS, issued by the world's largest finance and accounting professionals organization, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The DipIFR qualification provides you with the basic IFRS knowledge and elevates you to a higher level of IFRS expertise.
The DipIFR course is recommended for professionals working in the field of accounting, auditing, and finance who want to engage in a deeper study of IFRS and expand their theoretical and practical knowledge.
The training is organised as live online training with lots of interactive discussions. You can ask the tutors during the sessions, but they will be available for your exam related questions before and after the training days as well, so you have all the conditions you need to be able to pass the exam.

Participants acquiring ACCA DipIFR diploma or qualification:
· get to know, understand and learn to apply all IFRS standards,
· possess the necessary knowledge to compile IFRS reporting, including the preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS,
· get exemption from ACCA F7 IFRS accounting training module.

Online ACCA DipIFR

Three of our Academies are offering the live online DipIFR so you can choose the one that is more convenient to your schedule: 

Why choose PwC’s Academy

· Our students' pass rate during the past years was always above 70%!
· WARRANTY: means that students who participate in the course without absence and write the two mock exams and homeworks, but fail the exam can participate without fee during the next semester's exam preparatory course. (This guarantee only applies to the exam preparation module, the ACCA exam and registration fee are not included.)
· We provide a virtual student interface for our students on our e-learning portal, where all the tutors' notes, task series and solving keys are uploaded.
· Before the exam there is a possibility to write two mock exams, which are corrected together with the tutor during the training. Thereby it contributes to understanding and the participants get an overview of their knowledge before the exam.

ACCA  DipIFR online

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