Transfer Pricing

Desenvolvemos estratégias de negócio inovadoras e eficientes em termos fiscais.

The increasing internationalisation of business, the complexity of multinational groups, as well as the heightened scrutiny of Tax Authorities regarding intra-group transactions, has made transfer pricing one of the major causes for significant tax contingencies.

Our Transfer Pricing team comprises specialists well positioned to advise you on the planning, implementation, documentation e defense of transfer pricing policies aligned with your financial, operational and tax business goals.


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How can we help?
  • Transfer pricing documentation “health checks”;
  • Documentation and justification of customised transfer pricing policies;
  • Technical files to support a pricing methodology; and,
  • Defense files to support a particular operation.

How can we help?
  • Assistance with tax audits;
  • Identification of risky operations and their justification; and,
  • Use and treatment of the information available to support the terms and conditions applied.

How can we help?
  • Organize and develop transfer pricing documentation with a robust and coordinated approach through our internal Global Coordinated Documentation™ framework; and
  • Optimize the time spent in specifc tasks and added value solutions to data gathering, data usage and data processing.


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