Tax Reporting & Strategy

A tax function for the future

Redesign, redefine and redeploy the tax function to be a strategic business asset.

By aligning our client’s tax and tax technology strategies with their commercial goals the tax function will become a strategic business asset, adding value across the organisation.

Understanding an organisation’s challenges, goals and needs is just the start. Successful change will require re-engineering ‘end-to-end’ processes not just the final outputs.

We work with our clients to: meet the challenges of complex multi-tax reporting and compliance obligations; design and execute the right tax and tax technology strategies to manage tax risks in a rapidly changing and increasingly transparent global environment and take full advantage of the opportunities presented by a technology and data enabled world.

In a fast changing world, we’re helping our clients build a tax function for the future. Our complete approach to tax management brings together tax function design, technology and compliance delivery.

How can TRS help you?

Tax Reporting & Compliance

Globalisation and technological development over the last decade, together with an increasing need for rationalising costs, have led companies to focus on their core businesses, transferring resources from accessory activities. Outsourcing of administrative and financial functions – including finance & accounting, payroll, tax management and other administrative tasks – is not always an easy decision since it requires a partner that can provide efficient and reliable support. A good cost-benefit rationale is also the key for the success of such decision.

Our TRC (Tax Reporting & Compliance) teams worldwide work either from our offices or at our clients’ facilities, using either our clients’ ERPs or ours (accessible for our clients to extract their information –, as required.

We offer our clients the support of dedicated technical specialists, allowing easy and reliable access to relevant information, enhancing effective control over financial, accounting, tax and human resources functions, for the right price.

We adapt our approach to the circumstances and specific needs of our clients: we listen to our clients, understand their needs and develop an appropriate solution to their specific needs.

We working with our clients to:
  • We take an integrated, global approach to the delivery of local compliance services.
  • Local country specialist teams form the backbone of our service offering, providing experienced resources to help with the compliance needs today, support in future audits, and practical knowledge of current and emerging regulatory requirements.
  • Integrated Global Compliance Services (IGCS) is our web-based portal designed to collaborate with you around the world, including effective exchange of data sources, transparent review of deliverables, and real-time access to status, workflow, deliverables, and critical information.
  • Our client relationship managers deliver centralized coordination and communication.
  • Our experience and scalability allows us to customize and adapt our delivery model to align with our clients’ broader business goals.

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Finance & Accounting & Support Services

We support our customers in the following areas:
  • Full or functional outsourcing of administrative and finance functions (finance & accounting outsourcing).
  • Transformation and operation of administrative and finance processes.
  • Preparation/conversion of accounts in several reporting formats (IFRS, US GAAP, SNC/Portugal GAAP), SNCRF/Cape Verde GAAP, PGCA/Angola GAAP and other management accounts) and related financial reporting.
  • Companies’ start-up processes: official processes, implementation of procedures and controls, general ledger development, technical work models, documentation and management reporting.
  • Support in specific situations, such as the recovery of accounts, analysis and reconciliation of accounts, preparation of information for migration of financial information systems).
  • Control, labelling, inventory and asset reconciliation.
  • Full or functional outsourcing in the ​human resources area, namely administration and payroll processing, preparation and filing of HR compliance reports (monthly income return (DMR), annual employee return (Modelo 10), annual employee statement, stock options annual return (Modelo 19), global report of HR administration (Relatório Único), among others.

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Tax Technology

We´re working with with our clients to:
  • Develop and implement their tax technology strategy.
  • Discover the power of tax data management and analytics to assist in the decision-making process in areas such as detection of risk, opportunity identification, projections and scenario planning, and overall business support.
  • Understand the benefits of using technology to collaborate, automate and monitor tax processes and workflow using Tax Operations Manager (TOM).
  • Unlock the potential of their existing ERP systems for tax.
  • Improve their tax accounting processes.

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Tax Strategy & Operations

We´re working with with our clients to:
  • Perform current state reviews of tax management across the business using our Tax Management Maturity Model (T3M).
  • Develop a tax strategy that’s aligned to the organisation’s commercial goals.
  • Develop and implement a detailed roadmap for transformation.
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes and controls.
  • Undertake detailed risk management reviews.
  • Identify and manage the risks and challenges arising from change.
  • Meet the demands for increased transparency.

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Tax Accounting Services

We´re working with with our clients in:
  • Tax provision outsourcing and support.
  • Tccounting for uncertain tax positions (including FIN 48) assessments.
  • GAAP conversion modelling to determine the tax and accounting impact of moving different GAAP.
  • Other specialised tax accounting services, including deferred tax analyses and tax balance sheet assistance.
  • Tax accounting technical assistance and support, including customised training.

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Tax Administration Consulting

We´re working with tax administrations on:
  • Compliance strategy and objective setting.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Risk assessment & benchmarking.
  • Training & education.
  • Auditing & accounting techniques (tax data analytics).
  • Organizational & human behaviour change.
  • Tax IT development.

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