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PwC’s Academy Angola was launched in Luanda in May 2015 and offers several courses for clients. The courses are monitored by PwC professionals with a wide experience in several core sectors in the Angolan market, which helps to align the training necessities with the business objectives.

Open courses

Usually designed according to the Angolan market’s hot topics/tendencies, are open for individual or group registrations.

These courses use different learning methodologies: theoretical approach, exercises and case study analyses that promote discussion, interactivity among the participants.

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Course Month Day Total hours Price * (in Kwanzas)
Principles of financial accounting November 15 and 16 16h 233,000
Consolidation accounting November 24 and 25 17h 233,000
Oil & Gas accountig November 29 and 30 16h 233,000
Finance for non-finance January 19 and 20 16h 233,000
Management control January 23 and 24 16h 233,000
Economic and financial analysis January 26 8h 117,000
Advanced financial accounting July 18 and 19 16h 233,000
IFRS July 20 and 21 16h 233,000
Course Month Day Total hours Price * (in Kwanzas)
Consumption Tax Regulation October 27 4h 67,000
Great Contributors November 22 4h 67,000
Collective Investment Organizations – regulatory and fiscal aspects December 13 4h 67,000
Mining sector specificities February 16 4h 67,000
Tax benefits February 21 4h 67,000
Model 1 Declaration of Industrial Tax March 22 8h 133,000
International Contracts and Foreign Echange Operations March 28 4h 67,000
Exchange System – General Aspects April 11 4h 67,000
Hiring of expatriates – Labor immigration aspects April 26 4h 67,000
Fiscal and Exchange-rate aspects of payments to non-residents June 12 8h 133,000
Human Capital Management 
Course Month Day Total hours Price * (in Kwanzas)
Organizational Change Management  November 8 8h 150,000
Internal Audit and Risk Management  
Course Month Day Total hours Price * (in Kwanzas)
Risk based Audit February 8 and 9 16h 233,000
Internal audit and internal control February 21 and 22 16h 233,000
Reporting Models in Internal Audit March 23 and 24 16h 233,000
Information Secutiry Awareness April 6 and 7 16h 233,000
Course Month Day Total hours Price * (in Kwanzas)
Sustainability in Organizations October 18 6h 117,000
Preparation of the Sustainability Report October 19 6h 117,000
Sustainable Banking October 20 6h 117,000
Course Month Day Total hours Price * (in Kwanzas)
Conflict Management - Online 4h 20,000
Dealing with customer objections - Online 1h 6,000
Commercial approach to Business - Online 4h 20,000
Complaint Management  - Online 4h 20,000
Time Management  - Online 4h 20,000

Tailor-made courses

Designed to meet the companies’ specific necessities and adjusted to the participant’s profile.

Objective: to promote the development of the core competencies.

Training solutions

PwC’s Academy promotes training solutions with innovative training methodologies such as:

  • Face-to-face
  • ELearning
  • Blended Learning

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