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PwC’s Academy Angola was launched in Luanda in May 2015 and offers several courses for clients. The courses are monitored by PwC professionals with a wide experience in several core sectors in the Angolan market, which helps to align the training necessities with the business objectives.

Scheduled courses Date  Duration  Price 
Internal Audit Upskilling (online trainer) 3rd, 10th, 15th and 17th december 2020 16 hours (8h30-12h30) 900.000 AOA + VAT
Foreign Exchange Operations - Licensing and associated tax impacts (online trainer) 17th december 2020 2 hours (9h30-11h30) 150.000 AOA + VAT
Lead and manage remote teams (online trainer) 22nd january 2021 3.5 hours (9h30-13h) 125.000 AOA + VAT
Remote work management: good practices (online trainer) 11th february 2021 3.5 hours (9h30-13h) 125.000 AOA + VAT
Preparing for CIA certification (online trainer)   96 hours 2.000.000 AOA + VAT
Emotional management and stress management (online trainer) 11th march 2021 3.5 hours (9h30-13h) 125.000 AOA + VAT
Give and receive feedback (online trainer) 16th and 17th march 2021 5 hours (9h30-12h) 200.000 AOA + VAT
Fundamentals of internal control (online trainer) 7th, 8th and 15th april 2021 12 hours (8h30-12h30) 690.000 AOA + VAT
Systems and Information Technology Audit (online trainer) 20th, 22th, 27th and 29th april 2021 16 hours (8h30-12h30) 900.000 AOA + VAT
Cyber Arena (online trainer) 21st april 2021 6 hours (8h30-11h30 - 13h30-16h30) 600€ + IVA
Fundamentals of Information Security (online trainer) 11th, 13th, 18th and 20th may 2021 16 hours (8h30-12h30) 690.000 AOA + VAT
Corporate Risk Management (online trainer) 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd june 2021 16 hours (8h30-12h30) 690.000 AOA + VAT

*Our fees will be fixed in Euros (EUR) and will be invoiced in Kwanzas (AOA); the conversion on the day the invoice is issued, from EUR to AOA, will be based on the average reference rate of the National Bank of Angola plus 2%;
we reserve the right to carry out currency correction in the event that the invoice is not paid within 15 calendar days.

Tailor-made courses

Designed to meet the companies’ specific necessities and adjusted to the participant’s profile.

Objective: to promote the development of the core competencies.

Training solutions

PwC’s Academy promotes training solutions with innovative training methodologies such as:

  • Face-to-face
  • ELearning
  • Blended Learning

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