Angola and the Privatisation Program

What is changing in Angola?

1. General Outlook

The Angolan government will privatise 195 public companies, 32 of them considered as the major national companies.

The sale can be executed through (i) public tender  or (ii) initial public offer (“IPO”) or auction at the Stock Exchange.

175 of the target companies will go private by public tender, 11 by stock exchange auction and 9 by IPO.

In some cases, the change of control may have different stages and in some cases may even involve management contracts.

2. Timeline

The privatisation program will be executed in 4 years.

In order to facilitate the feasibility of the program, the government has concentrated in the first 2 years the simplest transactions (executed through public tender) and let the IPOs and auctions through the Stock Exchange Market to a more mature stage.

The Government expects to launch tenders for about
80 companies in 2019. Some have already been launched during the first half of the year.

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3. The sectors

The program includes companies operating in several sectors. The most representative relate to:

  • Oil & Gas;
  • Financing (Banks and Insurance);
  • Industry;
  • Telecommunications; and
  • Agro-industrial.

Roadmap for the implementation

Although the Privatisation Plan will depend on the privatisation model, the main stages will go through:

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