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Accounting and financial reporting rules and standards are becoming more and more complex. Companies frequently need to deal with complex accounting and financial reporting issues in their operations as well as when transitioning to new accounting standards, undergoing a reorganisation or optimising business processes. To effectively resolve such issues, we provide accounting advisory services to companies from various sectors.


PwC has accumulated a wealth of experience helping companies in Armenia and around the world to migrate and apply to IFRS.

The transition to international reporting standards is more than just complying with requirements in legislation or parent-company bylaws.  International standards provide an opportunity for management to get a real picture of the business, improve management accounting and expand access to financing. We will help you to develop the best approach to such a transition.

Developing accounting methodology

We provide extensive support in developing accounting methodology under various accounting standards. As a result, you will increase the efficiency of accounting and financial reporting processes, receive advice on complex accounting issues and improve the quality of your financial statements.

Preparing for automated financial reporting

Automating the reporting process enables companies to take care of such issues as reducing the time required to prepare financial statements, saving time for IFRS department employees and minimising errors. PwC will help in selecting and adopting various tools for automating the reporting process.

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Almaz Sadykov

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Nino Kadagishvili

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