PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Our mission: The PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc., a section 501(c)(3) public charity, is powered by the knowledge, interests and goodwill of our people. The Foundation supports our people when in need and invests in non-profit organizations that are creating emerging solutions to society’s greatest challenges in education and humanitarianism. For more information, read our latest CR Report.

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Foundation Total Grant Funding 2001 – July 2013

$19.4 million Foundation grant giving between 2001 and July 2013

  • $9.5 million Education
  • $6.5 million Humanitarianism
  • $3.4 million People Who Care Fund (PwCF)


Developing future leaders by helping students and teachers in the classroom through productive and disruptive innovators in the research and design of sustainable, scalable programs that will:

  • Create better access to education (specifically financial literacy) and to programs for the underserved;
  • Prepare, train or re-credential unemployed pools of talent for jobs in today’s changing economy; and
  • Push the education and job skills agenda to spur inventive actions.

Example of education support

  • The Foundation pledged $500,000 to support Venture for America's (VFA) work in training the next generation of entrepreneurs to create jobs in cities across the US that need a jolt of innovation. In 2013-14, the Foundation will support 15 VFA Fellows who will be placed in startup companies across the country.
  • At the suggestion of over 830 PwC partners and staff, the Foundation granted $295,000 to BUILD to help provide hands-on entrepreneurship training to low income high students in the US.

The People Who Care Fund

Providing grants year-round for the people of PwC (and their immediate families) in times of financial hardship resulting from health emergencies, damages during natural disasters, uninsured property loss, unexpected loss of a family member, or other challenging situations.

In addition to supporting the people of PwC in times of financial need, the Foundation has also developed two new programs that will offer broader support and recognition in times of success and remembrance:

  • Partner Remembrance Scholarships: a one-time, non-renewable scholarship of up to $150,000 upon the untimely death of a active partner. The first $150,000 Partner Remembrance Scholarship went to the Vanderbilt Law School Charles Gerdts Scholarship Fund in remembrance of Chet Gerdts.
  • The Foundation’s Merit Scholars Program: Children of PwC partners, principals and staff who are National Merit Finalists are awarded a $5,000 one-time, non-renewable “PwC Charitable Foundation” scholarship.

Example of people support

Hurricane Sandy Fall 2012 – The People Who Care Fund provided $800,000 in grants for immediate emergency lodging, as well as hardship grants for individuals with longer term issues, to more than 300 of our people who were impacted. The Foundation also donated $500,000 to fund disaster response organizations in the affected areas.


$1.6M in disaster relief FY13 – both directly for our people through the People Who Care Fund and to nonprofits in the wake of disasters like Hurricane Sandy, the Oklahoma Tornados, and the Boston Marathon bombing:

  • Oklahoma tornadoes May 2013: The Foundation provided a $50,000 grant to Team Rubicon, a first responder to assist those relief efforts, and worked with several PwC individuals personally affected by the storms.
  • Boston Marathon bombing May 2013: In Boston, our firm and the Foundation made a combined commitment of $500,000 to One Fund Boston.

Dollars for Doers – An example of a Foundation-funded program

The Foundation launched the Dollars for Doers program in 2012 to recognize the people of PwC for their volunteerism and reward the nonprofit organizations they support through matching grants. This program provides additional funding to eligible charities where PwC individuals donate at least 25 hours of their time. The Foundation’s grants will match the donated volunteer hours – up to $2,500 per volunteer per year ($1,500 for 100 hours of service, $500 for referring up to 4 people and $500 for a race or event). Eligible volunteer activities include tutoring, mentoring, providing financial management advice, and other hands-on activities that advance the mission of the charity.