A place to grow

Your professional development

To add value to our business, you will need to know as much of it as possible.  Your professional development in the firm is designed to build broad and deep knowledge.  From when you join the firm you will notice that opportunities for development will be provided but you will be the driver of your career. This starts with a comprehensive induction that is aimed to help you as you move from class to the office.

What you can expect from us…


Your first years will focus on giving you a good balance of business, personal and technical skills.  It is an intensive learning time and you will need to have a lot of self discipline and drive.  We shall support and your sponsor your learning. The learning experiences will vary from on-the-job, classroom training, e-learning and all these designed to help you gain the skills that you will need to excel at your job.


At PwC, we have a strong coaching culture.  From the beginning you will have a coach with whom you can have open one-to-one conversations about your development goals and who will be available to support your development.  You will also be able to talk to other people for guidance and advice.  You will also have a buddy to help you settle in and be at hand to assist you.


You will receive constructive, focused feedback on an ongoing basis. This feedback is aimed to help you learn from and build on your experiences.

Variety of work

You will enjoy a variety of work day to day as well as in your ongoing career. You will work on different teams, with different client experiences and projects and business areas.


As part of a network of firms, we are able to afford our people the opportunity to take on a new challenge through working in another location for a period of time.  We believe that a mobility experience helps improve your skills and expertise, increase your confidence in dealing with challenging situations, opportunity to live and travel abroad and to have a greater awareness and appreciation of different markets and cultures.

What we shall expect from you…

The first years are your learning years. These years need your commitment to your personal and professional development. Part of this will include you getting a professional qualification.  If you have started your professional qualification examinations or if you have not yet begun, the firm will support you to attain your qualification. Our expectation is that you will commit to effective time management so that you can get the best from your technical, professional and business skills training from the induction time and right through your first years.

A professional qualification opens up a world of opportunities to you and therefore we encourage you to put in a lot of effort during your early years. It will pay off.

We shall also expect you to seek success with enthusiasm, take initiative and responsibility; work with your coach to achieve your goals, treat challenges as opportunities for growth, learn from experience and apply what you are learning.