PwC Academy - Training Calendar March 2014

*Coffee and lunch breaks included.
**Corporate discounts are available.

Who is it for?

Legal - Law on Financial discipline, Law on Debt Collection Certificate and other relevant regulatory changes.

The course is intended for In-house lawyers, HR managers and professionals in positions of high responsibility in the companies.

Tax Solutions

This course will cover outlying principles and hot topics from the following tax areas: Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Social Security Contributions, Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Tax, Deferred Tax and Transfer Pricing.

IFRS Fundamentals

Whether you already report under IFRS or are preparing to make the change to IFRS, our training is designed to share PwC knowledge and perspective on some of the critical and complex IFRS issues facing both your company and your industry, as well as contributing to the professional development of your personnel. The course is intended for professionals with a background in finance having a responsibility in the accounting, reporting and/or controlling area at the beginning of their professional career without previous knowledge.


This training is intended for all finance professionals that are involved or see a need to obtain knowledge around investments in associates, subsidiaries, consolidation of entities, joint ventures principles, and all specifics around accounting of business combinations.

Finance for non-finance professionals

This training is intended for all managers in nonfinancial areas of an organisation who are making business decisions with financial implications and need to understand and interpret financial information.

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