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China's impact on the semiconductor industry - 
A decade of unprecedented growth

In 2004 when we published our first report on China’s impact on the semiconductor industry, we were responding to our clients’ concerns that China’s growing semiconductor production would cause over-capacity in the global market. Today, a decade later, it is not China’s semiconductor production that’s the story, but rather its semiconductor consumption. In fact, in 2013, China’s semiconductor consumption market grew by 10.1% (more than double the worldwide market growth of 4.8%) to reach a new record of 55.6% of the global market.

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Spotlight on: Water Scarcity - Building bridges over troubled waters

Thomas Fuller wrote back in the 1700s, “We never know the worth of water till the well is dry”. As the world gears up for World Water Week, the demand for fresh, clean water is greater than ever as nations and businesses compete for this critical resource.

The time of having access to free drinking water in abundant quantities is over as our Water: Challenges, drivers and solutions report demonstrates.

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Global Annual Review 2014

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Dennis Naily interview on our progress in FY2014 (short version)

18th Annual Global CEO Survey

Global CEO Survey PwC at Davos

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