Provides your employees with the simplicity they want and the flexibility they expect

The global mobility demographics of businesses have shifted over the last few years. There has been a significant increase in the number of short-term business travellers and commuters. As the business environment has become more global, businesses have struggled to remain compliant with the tax regimes in all jurisdictions in which they operate.

Our TravelWatch solution allows our clients to efficiently track and manage their short-term business travellers. 

Phoenix to Dubai - Paris to Beijing

How TravelWatch will bring value to your company

Mitigate the number of tax returns assignees are submitting

The ability to anticipate and prevent “surprises”

Generate robust traveller reports with filter and drill-down options

Scenario modeling functionality to help you better understand the impact of sending an employee to a particular location

Make strategic business decisions, taking into account all of the complex variables associated with your globally mobile workforce

Dashboard reporting capabilities allows roll-up reports that can be shared with the business to help with forecasting and resource planning