Financial Modeling in MS Excel

PwC Academy invites you to participate in seminar «Financial Modeling in MS Excel»


Target audience 

The seminar is designed for professionals working in finance, economics, analysts and other specialists responsible for economic calculations and supporting management decisions.

Participants should have basic proficiency in MS Excel.


Objectives of the seminar are to help participants to:

  •  clearly understand the methodology for effective analytical modeling;
  •  understand the universal tools used in financial modeling;
  •  acquire the skills needed for constructing reliable and transparent financial models;
  •  get acquainted with modern financial modeling best practices.


PwC Academy methodology is based on the following principles: 

  •  Clearly presenting the material
  •  Re-enforcing acquired skills through practical exercises and analysis of examples in MS Excel


Main topics of the seminar

  •  Financial modeling best practices
  •  Optimal structure of a financial model in MS Excel
  •  Rules for entering and processing financial data, presentation of analytical results
  •  Working with ranges:

– Required settings

– Restrictions and recommendations for the use of  range names

–  Specifics of using range names in formulas

  •  Step-by-step creation of a model in MS Excel
  •  Quality control and audit of a model
  •  Sensitivity analysis - substitution tables


Practical exercises

During the workshop, participants work on a detailed case study in building a financial model for an investment project in MS Excel.

The most useful techniques of financial modeling will be illustrated with additional examples.


Duration of the seminar

16 academic hours / 4 days



7, 8, 11, 12 April 2016

Training sessions start at 2:00 pm and end at 6:00 pm



280 USD (excluding VAT)


Registration deadline

31 March 2016


The seminar will be conducted in Georgian using training materials in English or Russian.


For more details and registration please see the attached booklet


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Irma Gogotishvili

Marketing Coordinator

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