Corporate Finance and Recoveries

Corporate Finance and Recovery services offered by Pacheco, Apostólico y Asociados, member Firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers, provide high added value to companies that are in the process of making important financial decisions that will change their businesses and to companies that seek to improve business management and maximize shareholder return.

Our services include:

  • Financial, economic and strategic consulting to companies facing complex business challenges
  • Proposing added value solutions
  • Supporting our clients with business value creation
  • Creating a positive impact on the client’s business activities

We also assist our clients by:

  • Developing business plans and assessing their feasibility and impact
  • Identifying possible participants in project construction and operation under the best conditions
  • Defining the most appropriate negotiation strategies in connection with acquisitions, mergers and sales of companies
  • Identifying factors that create or decrease shareholder value
  • Supporting our clients by anticipating the impact of decisions and strategies and subsequently monitoring activities
  • Identifying the causes behind business crises and seeking options to avoid them in the future
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