Enterprise Risk Assessment and Annual Audit Planning

We have developed a systematic and structured approach to identify and manage risks that should be considered for preparation of your annual audit plan.

TeamRisk is a global risk assessment tool developed and patented by PricewaterhouseCoopers that enables you to understand how your organization’s objectives and risks relate to the community, clients, employees, environment, government, stakeholders and suppliers.

TeamRisk allows you to design your risk assessment using either built-in or self-created libraries. TeamRisk is flexible and allows you to decide the best approach. User-defined fields make it easy to customize TeamRisk.

When it is time to perform your risk assessment, TeamRisk allows you to document and organize your assessment by business unit, business process, or both. You control the risk weightings and risk calculations.

You can report your risk assessment as never before. Reports in TeamRisk can be automatically generated at the summary or detailed level by selecting from a wide range of narrative reports, heat maps and other graphs.

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