Closing the investor expectations gap: What you need to know

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Don't get caught in the "investor expectations gap." Listen as PwC talks about what investors want from financial reporting.

Are you in the midst of year-end reporting? In our latest podcast, we help ground you by providing some helpful investor perspectives—what information are they looking for most from companies? How have their expectations changed? And, how does ESG factor into it all? Listen as host Heather Horn sits down with Gregory Johnson, a PwC director in our National Office who leads outreach to the investor and analyst communities, to discuss what information investors seek from the financial statements and beyond. 

Topics include:

  • 0:56 - Current environment. As the economic recovery progresses, investors are placing more focus on a company's resilience and how they are evolving their business operations.
  • 6:17 - ESG. Increased transparency continues to be in high demand from the investor community. We look at some of the recent developments that companies are focused on in this area and the different non-financial reporting frameworks.
  • 10:11 - D&I. Large institutional investors continue to raise the bar on expectations for reporting on social issues such as diversity, equity, and inclusion. Gregory highlights areas of focus in this developing space.
  • 12:16 - Financial reporting and disclosures. We hit on a few of the most common disclosures investors are interested in this year and whether they’re aligned with what companies are focused on. 
  • 18:04 - Consistency is key. As companies continue to evolve their reporting, what should they focus on first? We close by looking at next steps and the risks of poor communication.

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About our guest

Gregory Johnson is a director in PwC’s National Office. His primary areas of focus are investor engagement and strategic thought leadership. Gregory builds relationships with the investment community to gain insight into their views and perspectives on financial reporting, industry trends, regulatory developments, and other issues that may impact investment decisions.

About our host

Heather Horn is PwC’s National Office thought leader, responsible for developing our communications strategy and conveying firm positions on accounting and financial reporting matters. She is the engaging host of PwC’s accounting and reporting weekly podcast and quarterly webcast series, as well as periodic webcasts for the power and utilities industry. With nearly 30 years of experience, Heather’s accounting and auditing expertise includes financial instruments and rate-regulated accounting.

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Heather Horn

US Strategic Thought Leader, National Professional Services Group, PwC US

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David Schmid

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