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Next Generation Leader - PwC’s New Leadership Programme

A journey into leadership, strategy and transformation for the 21st Century

What is the programme about?

Today, leaders are asked to lead in a world that is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced. Rapid advancements in technology, changing employee and customer demands and the evolving world of work means leaders must be equipped to champion and manage these challenges effectively. With evolving socio-demographic forces and changing workforce expectations affecting individuals, organisations, governments and society alike, the need for a new form of leadership has never been more critical.   

There are six leadership paradoxes which are becoming increasingly important for leaders to navigate. Our learning journey helps you experience how these paradoxes should be considered as a system; how they impact each other and how they all need to be balanced simultaneously. By the end of the programme, you will truly differentiate yourself as a leader, learning how to comfortably inhabit both elements of each paradox with great success.

What knowledge, skills and competencies will be achieved?

Module 1- Leading self

  • Traits for leadership success
  • The power of resilience
  • Critical skills in the future world of work
  • Leadership through execution
Learning methodology: 
  • 14 hours of classroom & live online webinars
  • Online bite-sized self learning
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Learning log touch points at the end of the module
leading self

Module 2- Leading others

  • Optimising people experience
  • People management: A revamp
  • High performing teams
  • The skills reshuffle
  • Achieving Agile
  • Negotation
Learning methodology: 
  • 15 hours of classroom & live online webinars
  • Online bite-sized self learning
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Learning log touch points at the end of the module
Leading others

Module 3- Leading the business

  • Embracing digital disruption
  • People-centric change
  • Profit with purpose
  • Customer centricity & marketing for the new age
  • Finance facts
  • Setting strategies
Learning methodology: 
  • 21 hours of classroom & live online webinars
  • Online bite-sized self learning
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Learning log touch points at the end of the module
Leading Business

Six Paradoxes of Leadership covered in the learning journey.

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“With the business environment changing rapidly, the traits that make up a successful leader are also evolving. This programme responds to a call for a new form of leadership. As we navigate through the six paradoxes of leadership we set out on a journey to develop the skills, knowledge and insight needed to successfully lead in the future world of work.”

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Learning Journey

Tailor made for Business

Who is it for?

This programme is open for all professionals with different backgrounds and across varied industries. It is targeted at the middle to senior managers who would like to gain future-oriented skills and reinvent themselves through a journey into leadership, strategy and transformation fit and full proof for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Tailor made for Business

What training methodology do we use?

The programme has been designed to manifest the ever-changing business world to fully equip next generation leaders with the skills they need to succeed. This means the learning experience of participants will be dynamic, taking on many forms depending on the topic being discussed and the skills being developed. The programme is made up of a mix of one-to-one coaching, participative webinars and interactive class sessions that will encourage learning through techniques such as innovative practical challenges and design thinking methodologies. This will ensure the audience is fully immersed in the learning journey. The programme is structured to explore the six paradoxes of leadership from three key perspectives; leading self, leading others and leading the business. Facilitators and guest speakers are experts in their field and offer a blend of insights, skills and experiences to enhance the learning journeys of participants. 

Tailor made for Business

Can it be tailored to my company's needs?

Yes, the Academy team will be happy to design a leadership programme which applies the six leadership paradoxes to your company’s strategy and culture.

Six paradoxes of leadership defined

How do you navigate a world that is increasingly both global and local?

How do you navigate the politics of getting things to happen and retain your character?

How do you have the confidence to act in an uncertain world and the humility to recognise when you are wrong?

How do you execute effectively while also being highly strategic?

How do you become increasingly tech savvy and remember that organisations are run by people, for people?

How do you use the past to help direct your future success?

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Hear PwC leaders speaking about the Six paradoxes

In these video series, Blair Sheppard,​ PwC Global Leader for Strategy and Leadership, interviews​ PwC leaders who each exemplifies one of the paradoxes.


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