PwC's Academy Digital Learning Services

A new era for learning at your workplace

Our blended approach

PwC’s Academy is a licensed training organisation that has the capacity, knowledge and expertise to provide end-to-end training provision, whilst assisting you with relevant training and skills advisory to implement your training programme.

The practitioner approach adopted by the Academy aims at addressing a change in training mindset moving away from traditional systems to an increasingly hybrid and flexible approach. Blended training has proven to be more effective particularly in the context of bespoke co-designed programme design.

Tailored training programmes are curated to facilitate rapid and relevant learning for a particular job role. The project-based approach ensures that employees can put newly acquired skills into action in a practical and agile way.

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PwC's Academy Digital Learning Services

A new era for learning at your workplace

How do we do it?

We provide you with a complete solution based on a leading digital platform - a customisable learning management system that will enable you to manage training effectively across the whole organisation. This ensures that your learning programmes are designed in a blended approach.  PwC’s Academy provides the opportunity of combining classroom and digital training to provide the best framework that enables a complete learning journey. The trainee’s experience is dependent on factors such as imparting theoretic content which may be covered digitally in the trainees own good time whilst a number of skills and competencies could be passed on by experts in the classroom setting. The learning management platform enables each participant to learn and gain new targeted knowledge seamlessly from classroom and digital sources. The digital approach supported by expert administrative support allows management to have full visibility of training developments whilst encouraging further tailoring as different organisational needs arise.

Explore our Digital Training Suite

Learning together in an online world.

What can you expect from our live online classroom training?

  • Virtual engagement
  • Real-time tasks
  • Whiteboards and chat
  • Visually appealing content

Revise existing or create original eLearning tailored for you.

E-learning is a valuable tool for self-paced learning, and we can work together with you to achieve the below.

eLearn Project Team

  • Training Analyst
  • Storyboard Specialist
  • Graphic Artist
  • Interactivity Expert
  • Content & Navigation
  • Voice Actors
  • Quality Reviews

Access to experts and content.

We give you access to carefully curated content and a wide range of learning resources that encourages development of knowledge and skills.

A user-friendly and intuitive platform

Easy access to relevant content, customised to your role and level

Connecting people of all the resources they use to learn - courses, videos, articles, books, podcasts and experts from thousands of sources, including your LMS.

Timely and up-to-date content including PwC Thought Leadership

Includes a multimedia bank of resources for varied learning preferences

Managed training platform to set up your organisations digitally.

Our learning management platform specifically designed for you in order to befit from the below features:

  • Training Page Branding
  • Trainee Registration
  • Trainee Enrolment
  • Course Design
  • Course Management
  • Course Materials
  • Trainee Notifications
  • Calendaring
  • Trainee Announcements
  • Peer Learning Discussion Forum
  • Chat Real-time Discussion
  • Attendance Management
  • Course Grading
  • Definitions and Resources
  • Project Work & Assignments
  • Assessment Quizzes
  • Customised Certification
  • Trainee Reporting

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