Digital Learning

with PwC's Academy

From induction Programmes to more technical skills, our experts can create different approaches from blended to virtual learning. PwC can support you and your business in developing a wide array of digital training programmes to meet your business requirement. Such training can stem from induction programmes to ongoing compliance training as well as content addressing more technical skills and competences.

PwC’s Academy can offer a holistic approach to e-learning courses and other online training that provides your organisation with the necessary technology and infrastructure that makes online training easily accessible to all organisations. Courseware is made available through industry renowned e-learning system, managed and administered by PwC.

The approach adopted by PwC is to work closely with you to establish the best type of digital interaction that yields best returns.

Trainees can participate in training whilst their progress in courses can be followed remotely subject to their enrolment. PwC's elearn platform enables them to interrupt and restart a learning process as necessary as their activity is constantly logged.

Digital Learning has in a number of instances proven to be a viable alternative to traditional training, developed around the organisational training needs of an organisation. PwC can support you in establishing a wider learning strategy that comprises both traditional training complemented with digital learning routes.

Portfolio of digital learning services:

  • Production of eLearn packages
  • Learning analytics and reporting including individual user assessment
  • Hosting of eLearn packages including user administration and support
  • Review and updating of eLearn package content
  • Branding templates in line with your organisation's visual identity




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