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About PwC's Academy



PwC’s Academy is a training and development concept created by PwC for all those who wish to keep up-to date with current professional developments and modern practices.

PwC's Academy is the platform through which PwC channels its long-standing commitment towards promoting technical expertise and professional development. It aims to be the vehicle through which individuals acquire the skills and aptitudes they need to build rewarding careers and realise their full potential. PwC’s Academy offers a varied training programme that includes a mix of technical, business and IT skills. Sessions go beyond theory and aim to be as practical and business-oriented as possible.

The Academy also seeks to transform its expertise into dedicated training projects by providing in-house solutions driven by client needs and by providing industry-focused training sessions. The Academy’s target audience includes, but is not limited to, accounting, tax and auditing practitioners.  With its suite of business and IT courses, the Academy caters for professionals from  all other sectors. In 2014, PwC was licenced by the MFHEA as a Higher Education Institution (Licence No: 2007-TC-004).


Our trainers

PwC’s Academy aims to give a training and development service focussed on learning, networking and sharing of knowledge. Reflecting its day-to-day commitment to quality, the Academy provides a distinctive service by translating PwC’s expertise and specialisation into relevant and innovative learning and development programmes that will also cater for specific industries and for client needs. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of PwC partners and staff members, the Academy fosters internally and externally, a firm-wide culture of learning and development.

The Academy’s trainers are carefully selected. The Academy insists that technical expertise must be coupled with excellent instructor skills to create impact, to share knowledge and to make learning stick. Trainers are therefore meticulously chosen based on their knowledge of the subject and their proven track record, as well as on their experience in training and group animation. PwC’s Academy envisages that the quality of its trainers is one of its key success factors. It is the PwC trainers, all experts in their respective fields, who make the link between theory and practice in a way that maximises the return on investment for participants in terms of time and cost.  


Our facilities

The Hub is a 2,000 square metre premises over 4 floors which goes beyond facilitating traditional sharing of knowledge in a classroom style. It lends itself to provide collaborative and creative zones that nurture innovative thinking, an executive area that focuses on re-imagining the future of business; learning zones that encourage sharing of experiences and best practices, and an experience hub that embeds the dynamism and agility required in today’s changing world.

The PwC's Academy concept has been growing since its inception in 2010. The Academy today offers blended learning solutions tailored for clients’ needs in areas of Business and IT and therefore this Innovation Centre will also assist clients to reach out to PwC to co-create business innovation, strategy and execution.


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How do we work?

Business and IT programmes can be exclusive to the organisation requesting them and will follow an in-depth training needs analysis that we carry out with you. Easier adaptation to the organisation’s working environments, addressing specific issues and focusing on the needs of a homogenous group are just some of the benefits.

1. Listen to and understand your training needs

  • Meet with you to understand your organisational goals and objectives.
  • Assess the participants’ current competencies; identify knowledge and skills gaps to be addressed in order to meet organisational goals.


2. Design and develop your training programme

  • We build the solution that you need in order to address the knowledge and skills gaps.
  • Customise and contextualise the learning material; working together to develop workshops, case studies and simulations.
  • Agree the delivery format and schedule.


3. Assist you with applying for funding

  • Inform you about local training incentives.
  • Assist you with the necessary documentation when applying for of EU / government funding.


4. Delivery of your training programme, using the best facilitators and resources

  • Roll-out the training solution; manage training delivery, administration and logistics.
  • Review the effectiveness of the training delivery, test learning and understanding throughout the training period.


5. Evaluate outcomes and effectiveness of your training

  • Carry out course evaluation.
  • Review participant feedback and assessment results.
  • Update and adapt material to maximise the outcome of your future training programmes.



View our Training Library for a full list of courses or read more about the E-learn solutions we offer.


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