27th Annual Global CEO Survey – Findings for North Macedonia

We’re excited to launch our 27th edition of PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey with key findings for North Macedonia.

The 27th CEO Survey results show that CEOs in North Macedonia are more optimistic this year compared to the last and are already taking some steps toward reinvention. Despite the increased optimism, local CEOs share the same concern with their global peers when it comes to the long-term viability of their business.

45% of global CEOs and 40% of local CEOs answered they are not confident that their companies will survive more than a decade if they proceed on their current path. Faced with new challenges, CEOs in North Macedonia recognise the need to reinvent and deliver sustained outcomes for their shareholders and society.

To provide more details on the nature of the challenge and the opportunities associated with meaningful business reimagination, this year’s report is organised around three themes.

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