Marlon Bispath

Marlon Bispath

Banking Leader, PwC Cayman Islands

Marlon Bispath is a partner in PwC Cayman Islands' financial services practice and has more than 19 years of professional experience in assurance and business advisory services with PwC.

Marlon's experience in the financial services industry includes the audit of financial institutions with a primary focus on asset management and banking/trust clients. He is also part of the leadership team that specialises in private equity and venture capital funds within our asset management group. Marlon's portfolio comprises; alternative investment companies encompassing a variety of fund structures and strategies, with a significant emphasis on North American sponsored onshore/offshore hedge fund products; and various types of bank and trust companies, along with local private financial institutions.

In addition to his role in the assurance practice, Marlon is involved in risk management, including areas related to engagement contracting, general contracting, practice claims and litigation, and regulatory compliance.

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