Legal Drafting

We understand that the best way of addressing risk in commercial relationships is by putting in place robust legal contracts which set out the position upfront rather than leaving it to chance which will make a dispute more likely and more costly. Drafting of contracts and agreements requires the possession not only of high legal skills, but also of an extensive knowledge of the socio-economic reality. We are able to identify the most appropriate legal instruments for the customer, having successfully worked in assisting start-up companies, financing transactions and restructuring of distribution networks, and ensuring continued assistance in negotiations with the counterparties. We provide advice on a range of civil law and legal drafting matters and issues.

Specialist legal expertise includes:

  • Individual and collective dismissal
  • NDA / Non-disclosure agreements / confidentiality agreements
  • MOU / Memorandum of Understanding / LOI / Letter of Intent
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Outsourcing / insourcing
  • Contractual joint ventures / collaboration agreements
  • Sponsorship / endorsement agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing complex commercial agreements
  • Legal advisory services regarding interpretation of legal issues arising in the course of business operations
  • Drafting legal opinions regarding companies’ on-going operations;
  • Advisory services regarding the establishment of additional legal collaterals for parties to commercial contracts
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating lease agreements and advisory services regarding purchase and sale of real estate, due diligence and title reports concerning real estate
  • Other legal drafting services tailored to client specific needs

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Country Managing Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PwC Albania

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